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Agnipath Scheme For 10th & 12th Complete Exam Details

Prepare For Agnipath Scheme For 10th & 12th (Making Officers Building Nation)

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ONLINE REGISTRATION DATES:- FROM 07 November 2022 TO 23 November 2022
AGE CRITERIA:- Candidate born between 27 June 2002 and 27 December 2005 (both days inclusive) are eligible to apply

  1. Pursuant to the New HR methodology for induction of Agniveervayu under ‘Agnipath Scheme’, aimed to provide an opportunity to Nation’s youth to experience military way of life for a period of four years, Indian Air Force invites ONLINE application from unmarried Indian male and female candidates for selection test from 18 January 2023 onwards to join the IAF as an AGNIVEERVAYU. The number and employability of female candidates will be decided as per service requirement.

  3. Application is required to be filled only ONLINE by the candidates and detailed instructions to fill up the same are available at https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in.
  4. This examination is valid for AGNIVEERVAYU INTAKE 01/2023.
  5. ONLINE REGISTRATION shall commence at 1700h on 07 November 2022 and will close at 1700h on 23 November 2022. Only ONLINE REGISTERED applications shall be accepted. For registration log on to https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in. .

Note: - Candidates are advised to register at the earliest opportunity as no extension of registration dates will be accommodated.



  1. Date of Birth Block Candidate born between 27 June 2002 and 27 December 2005 (both dates inclusive) are eligible to apply.
  2. In case, a candidate clears all the stages of the Selection Procedure, then the upper age limit as on date of enrolment should be 21 years

Marital Status

Only unmarried Indian male and female candidates are eligible for enrolment as Agniveervayu in IAF. Candidates will have to give a certificate of being “unmarried” at the time of enrolment. Agniveervayu will not be permitted to marry during their entire tenure of four years in the IAF. A candidate may be dismissed from service if he / she marries during his / her tenure or is found to be already married inspite of giving certificate of being “unmarried”.

Educational Qualification

A. Science Subjects
Candidates should have passed Intermediate/10+2/Equivalent examination with Mathematics, Physics and English from an Education Board listed as COBSE member with minimum 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English.
Passed Three years Diploma Course in Engineering (Mechanical / Electrical / Electronics / Automobile / Computer Science / Instrumentation Technology / Information Technology) from a Government recognized Polytechnic institute with 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English in diploma course (or in Intermediate / Matriculation, if English is not a subject in Diploma Course).
Passed Two years Vocational course with non-vocational subject viz. Physics and Mathematics from State Education Boards / Councils which are listed in COBSE with 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English in vocational course (or in Intermediate / Matriculation, if English is not a subject in vocational course).

B. Other than Science Subjects
Passed Intermediate / 10+2 / Equivalent Examination in any subjects approved by Central / State Education Boards listed as COBSE member with minimum 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English.

Passed two years’ vocational course from Education Boards listed as COBSE member with minimum 50% marks in aggregate and 50% marks in English in vocational course or in Intermediate / Matriculation if English is not a subject in Vocational Course.

Note - 1: Candidate eligible for Science Subjects examination (Including Intermediate / 10+2 / three years’ diploma course in engineering or two years’ vocational course with non-vocational subjects of Physics and Maths) are also eligible for Other than Science Subjects and would be given an option of appearing in both Science Subjects and Other than Science Subjects examination in one sitting while filling up the online registration form.

Note - 2: Education Boards listed in Council of Boards for School Education (COBSE) website (cobse.org.in) as members, as on date of registration shall only be considered.

Note - 3: Exact aggregate Percentage of marks before decimal as written in the marks sheet of 10+2 / Intermediate / Equivalent Examination / Three years Diploma Course / Two years Vocational Course OR calculated as per the rules of concerned Education Board/ Polytechnic Institute shall only be considered (For example 49.99% should be taken as 49% and not to be rounded off to 50%).

Mandatory Medical Standards.

General Medical Standards for AGNIVEERVAYU are as follows:-

  1. Height: Minimum acceptable height is 152.5 cms (For Male candidates) and 152 cms (For Female candidates).
  2. Weight: Proportionate to height and age.
  3. Chest: For male candidate’s minimum chest circumference will be 77 cms and the chest expansion should be at least 5 cms. For female candidates the chest wall should be well proportioned with minimum range of expansion of 5 cms.
  4. Corneal Surgery (PRK/LASIK) is not acceptable.
  5. Hearing: Candidate should have normal hearing i.e. able to hear forced whisper from a distance of 6 meters by each ear separately.
  6. Dental: Should have healthy gums, good set of teeth and minimum 14 dental points.
  7. Visual standards:
    Visual Acuity Maximum limits of Refractive error Colour Vision
    6/12 each eye, correctable to 6/6 each eye Hypermetropia: +2.0D Myopia: 1D Including ± 0.50 D Astigmatism CP-II

    Note: Candidates should bring latest prescription and spectacle for corrected vision, if used. The prescription must bear the signature, stamp and registration number of eye specialist. Prescription should not be more than one month old.
  8. General Health: Candidate should be of normal anatomy without loss of any appendages. He / She should be free from any active or latent, acute or chronic, medical or surgical disability or communicable disease, infection and skin ailments. Candidate shall be physically and mentally FIT to perform duty in any part of the world, in any climate and terrain.
  9. Gynaecological Examination (For female candidates): The examination covers external genitalia, hernia orifices and the perineum, any evidence of stress urinary incontinence or genital prolapse outside introitus.
  10. Gender (For female candidates): Any candidate if found to have predominant characteristics of the opposite gender as evident on external physical examination, will be rejected as Unfit. Any candidate having undergone gender reassignment surgery will be declared Unfit.
  11. Pregnancy (For female candidates): Any candidate, if found to be pregnant shall be disqualified and her candidature rejected. A candidate should not have conceived at the time of reporting or till conclusion of four years’ tenure. If found to be pregnant later during the training or engagement period of four years, suitable action for Dismissal / Removal will be undertaken.
  12. Details of medical standards are available on CASB web portal https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in..

Consumption of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance (NDPS)

Consumption of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances banned under the NDPS Act 1985 shall be a reject criteria for selection into the IAF and AGNIVEERVAYU found either in possession or storing or distributing or consuming such drugs and substances after enrolment shall be liable for disciplinary action including dismissal from the IAF. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY TO ALCOHOLISM AND SUBSTANCE ABUSE IS FOLLOWED IN IAF.

Body Tattoo

Permanent body tattoos shall not be permitted, however, tattoos only on inner face of the fore arms (inside of elbow to the wrist), back (dorsal) part of the hand/reverse side of palm and for Tribal tattoos which are as per custom and traditions of their tribes may be considered. However, right to decide on acceptability/unacceptability of the individual shall rest with the selection centre. Candidates with permanent body tattoos shall submit two photographs (close up and distant view) with details of size and type of the Tattoo, during the second phase of Selection Test.

Only Sikh candidates

whose religion prohibits cutting of the hair or shaving of face, shall be permitted to grow hair and/or retain beard and moustache. Accordingly, those Sikh candidates willing to retain the same as per laid down specification are to get their photographs with beard and moustache. Such candidates will not be permitted to grow/shave beard/moustache at later stage after enrolment.


AGNIVEERVAYU will be enrolled in the Indian Air Force under Air Force Act 1950, for a period of four years. AGNIVEERVAYU would form a distinct rank in the Indian Air Force, different from any other existing ranks. Indian Air Force is not obliged to retain AGNIVEERVAYU beyond the engagement period of four years.

On completion of four years of service, based on organisation’s requirements and policies promulgated by the Indian Air Force, AGNIVEERVAYU will be offered an opportunity to apply for permanent enrolment in the Indian Air Force. These applications will be considered in a centralised manner based on objective criteria including performance during their four year engagement period and up to 25% of each specific batch of AGNIVEERVAYU will be enrolled in regular cadre of IAF. AGNIVEERVAYU will not have any right to be selected for further enrolment into the Indian Air Force. Selection of the AGNIVEERVAYU for further enrolment, if any, shall be at the discretion of the Indian Air Force.


AGNIVEERVAYU enrolled under this entry are liable to be assigned any duty in organisational interest, at the discretion of the Indian Air Force.


On being enrolled, AGNIVEERVAYU will be imparted military training based on Indian Air Force requirement


Grant of leave will be subject to exigencies of Indian Air Force. The following leave may be applicable for AGNIVEERVAYU during their engagement period:-

  1. Annual Leave: 30 days per year.
  2. Sick Leave: Based on medical advice

Medical and CSD Facilities

For the duration of their engagement period in Indian Air Force, AGNIVEERVAYU will be entitled for medical facility at Service Hospitals as well as CSD provisions.

Pay, Allowances and Allied Benefits

AGNIVEERVAYU enrolled under this Scheme will be paid an Agniveer package of Rs 30,000/- per month with a fixed yearly increment . In addition, Risk and Hardship allowances (as applicable in IAF), Dress and Travel allowances will be paid.

Terminal Benefits - Seva Nidhi Package

AGNIVEERVAYU will be given one time ‘Seva Nidhi’ package comprising their monthly contribution along with matching contribution by the Government on completion of their engagement period, as indicated below:-

Year Customised Package (Monthly) In Hand (70%) Contribution to Agniveers Corpus Fund (30%) Contribution to Corpus fund by GoI
All Figures in Rs. (Monthly Contribution) (Approximately)
1stYear 30,000/- 21,000/- 9,000/- 9,000/-
2ndYear 33,000/- 23,100/- 9,900/- 9,900/-
3rdYear 36,500/- 25,550/- 10,950/- 10,950/-
4thYear 40,000/- 28,000/- 12,000/- 12,000/-
All Figures in Rs. (Monthly Contribution) (Approximately)
Total Contribution in Agniveers Corpus Fund after four years Rs. 5.02 lakh Rs. 5.02 lakh
Exit after
4 year
Approximately Rs. 10.04 Lakhs as Seva Nidhi Package
(Absolute amount excluding interes

Note 1: AGNIVEERVAYU will not be required to contribute to any Provident Fund of the Government.

Note 2: There shall be no entitlement to any gratuity and any kind of pensionary benefits in the case of AGNIVEERVAYU

Insurance, Death and Disability Compensation.

AGNIVEERVAYU will be provided non-contributory life insurance cover of Rs 48 lakhs for the duration of their engagement period as AGNIVEERVAYU in the Indian Air Force. AGNIVEERVAYU will not be governed by provisions contained in the Pension Regulations/Rules for Indian Air Force. For details of Death/Disability compensation log on to https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in.

Agniveer Skill Certificate

At the end of engagement period, a detailed Skill-Set certificate will be provided to the AGNIVEERVAYU, highlighting the skills and level of competency acquired by the personnel during their engagement period

Personnel enrolled under this Scheme will not be eligible for Ex-Servicemen status.


Phase - I

Online Test.

Eligible candidates will be sent provisional admit cards for Phase - I of testing on their registered e-mail IDs 48-72 hrs prior to the examination, which they will download & take a colour printout and will carry the same to the examination centre on the day of online test as indicated on their respective admit cards to appear in the selection test. However name of city & exam date will be intimated to candidates well in advance to enable the candidates to plan their movement. This provisional admit card can also be downloaded by the candidate under candidates login on CASB web portal https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in. All candidates in possession of provisional admit card will undertake Online Test at centres designated/allotted as per their admit card. Online test will be objective type and questions will be bilingual (English & Hindi) except for English paper. Online test for candidates opting for both Science subjects and other than Science subjects shall be conducted in one sitting, on the same system. Candidates are to bring one blue/black pen and original AADHAR card along with them for Phase - I testing. Details of the test are as follows: -

  1. Science Subjects: Total duration of the online test shall be 60 minutes and shall comprise of English, Physics and Mathematics as per 10+2 CBSE syllabus.
  2. Other Than Science Subjects: Total duration of the online test shall be 45 minutes and shall comprise of English as per 10+2 CBSE syllabus and Reasoning & General Awareness (RAGA).
  3. Science Subjects & Other Than Science Subjects : Total duration of the online test shall be 85 minutes and shall comprise of English, Physics and Mathematics as per 10+2 CBSE syllabus and Reasoning & General Awareness (RAGA).
  4. Marking pattern for online test:-
    1. One mark for every correct answer.
    2. Nil (0) marks for un attempted question.
    3. 0.25 marks shall be deducted for each wrong answer.

Note : Above examination methodology has been designed to facilitate selection process based on qualifications of candidates. Irrespective of the examination methodology AGNIVEERVAYU enrolled under this entry are liable to be assigned any duty in organisational interest, at the discretion of Indian Air Force.

Marks scored by the candidates in STAR Phase-I Testing will be “Normalised” by using the formula as published on the web site https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in, to take into account variation in difficulty levels of the question papers across different sessions. Candidates are to note that the application of Cut-Off for shortlisting candidates for STAR Phase-II testing and preparation of Final Merit List for selection will be based on “Normalised Marks” and “Not on” the “Actual Marks” scored by the candidate in STAR Phase-I testing. Further, on normalisation, marks scored by a candidate in a subject may become less/more than actual marks, and more than total marks of that subject in exceptional cases.


The result of Phase-I and the list of shortlisted candidates for Phase-II, based on their performance in Phase-I Online test, will be uploaded on https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in within one month from the date of online exam.

Phase - II

Soon after the declaration of the result of Phase-I (Online) Test, a cut off will be applied based on the marks scored by the candidates in the Phase I Test and SHORTLISTED candidates will be sent a New admit card on their registered e-mail IDs for phase - II test at a designated ASC. This admit card for Phase-II exam can also be downloaded online under candidate’s login on CASB web portal https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in. Candidates have to report on the stipulated date and time for Phase-II at the designated ASC along with following documents:-

  1. Colour print out of admit card for Phase-II.
  2. Colour print out of duly filled application form downloaded on completion of online registration.
  3. HB pencil, eraser, sharpener, glue stick, stapler and black/blue ball point pen for writing
  4. Eight copies of un-attested passport size colour photograph (which was used for the online application registration).
  5. Original and four self-attested photocopies of matriculation passing certificate (required for verification of candidate’s name, father’s name and his date of birth)
  6. Original and four self-attested photocopies of matriculation marks sheet (only applicable for three years diploma course holders when English is not a subject in diploma course).
  7. Original and four self-attested photocopies of Intermediate/10+2/equivalent examination passing certificate and marks sheet.
    Original and four self-attested photocopies of three years diploma course passing certificate and marks sheets of all semesters.
    Original and four self-attested photocopies of two years vocational course passing certificate and all marks sheets including non-vocational course with subjects English, Physics and Mathematics
  8. Certificate for SOAFP (Son of Air Force Personnel), including certificate for sons of serving/retired/ deceased Air Force civilian employees paid out of defence estimates is to be downloaded as the case may be, from the download section of CASB web portal and brought along while reporting for Phase - II of the examination
  9. Original Phase-I admit card used during Phase-I test bearing Air Force seal and invigilator’s signature
  10. Original and four self-attested photocopies of NCC ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ certificate (if applicable).
Note: Candidate discharged from the IAF for any reason are not eligible to appear in the selection test.

Additional Skills/Qualifications/Achievements

Candidates with any additional skills/qualifications/ achievements in fields, including but not limited to, Information Technology, Motor Vehicle driving/maintenance, Hospitality, Logistics, Accounting and Sports are required to intimate the same to recruiting officer and furnish certificates in support of the same.

Verification of Eligibility.

Candidates should be in possession of the documents mentioned at para 21 above, when appearing for the selection test which would be scrutinised/verified prior to commencement of Phase-II to ascertain the eligibility prima-facie. Detailed verification of all the documents listed at para 21 and 22 above shall be carried out in respect of candidates who pass Adaptability Test - 1. Candidature of those who do not meet the laid down educational criteria shall be cancelled during initial verification of original certificates & mark sheets and also during detailed verification at ASC

Note-1: In the case of SOAFP the name of the candidate, parent’s name and the date of birth of the candidate as mentioned in the discharge book/service book/ service particular certificate/ casualty certificate (as applicable) must be the same as mentioned in the matriculation passing certificate of the candidate.

Note-2: Under no circumstances the candidates shall be permitted to appear in Phase-II of the selection test without original educational marks sheets/passing certificates & documents mentioned above in paragraph 21. However, candidates with photocopies of educational marks sheets/passing certificates may be permitted to appear in the selection test only on production of a certificate from college/school principal certifying that educational certificates/marks sheets are deposited with college/school. In exceptional circumstances, DigiLocker verified certificates will be accepted and candidates issued with CSV (certificate subject to verification). Candidates are thereafter required to submit original certificates to nearest ASC within one month from date of issue of CSV.

Note-3: The original passing certificates/marks sheets shall not be retained by the selection centre. The same shall be returned to the candidates on completion of detailed verification.

Note-4: Internet copy of mark-sheet not acceptable

Note-5: Candidates are strictly prohibited from doing any rough work or write anything anywhere on the Admit Cards issued for Phase-I and Phase-II. Such candidates will be DEBARRED PERMANENTLY.

Physical Fitness Test (PFT).

Names of the shortlisted candidates, who qualify the online test, shall be displayed on the CASB Web Portal https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in and on a stipulated date shall be called at designated ASC for Physical Fitness Test (PFT) which would consist of 1.6 Km run to be completed within 06 minutes 30 seconds. Candidates shall also have to complete 10 Push-ups, 10 Sit-ups and 20 Squats within the stipulated time to qualify in the Physical Fitness Test.

Test Max Time Period Remarks
10 Push-ups 01 minute Test will be conducted after 10 minutes break on completion of run
10 Sit-ups 01 minute Test will be conducted after 02 minutes break on completion of 10 Push-ups
20 Squats 01 minute Test will be conducted after 02 minutes break on completion of 10 Sit-ups

Female candidates shall also have to complete 10 Sit-ups and 15 Squats within the stipulated time as per the following to qualify in the Physical Fitness Test.

Test Max Time Period Remarks
10 Push-ups 01 minute and30 seconds Test will be conducted after 10 minutes break on completion of run
15 Squats 01 minute Test will be conducted after 02 minutes break on completion of 10 Sit-ups

Note: Candidates are advised to bring their sports shoes and shorts/track pants.s. Detailed procedure on expected technique for push-ups, situps and squats is published on CASB Web Portal https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in.

Candidates shall sign a consent form prior to appearing in physical fitness test/medical test for selection in IAF. He shall appear in these tests at his own risk and shall not be paid any compensation by IAF for injury/casualty if any, sustained by him during such tests. The consent form shall be signed by parents/guardian of candidates below 18 years of age. The consent form is appended with Phase II admit card.

. Adaptability Test- I.

All candidates who pass the Physical Fitness Test (PFT) shall have to undertake Adaptability Test-I (objective type written test) which is to assess suitability of a candidate for employment in the IAF which involves deployment in varied geographic terrain, weather and operational conditions.

. Adaptability Test- II.

All candidates who pass Adaptability Test-I shall have to undertake Adaptability Test-II as per policy in vogue. Adaptability Test-II is to select candidates who can adapt to the environment of Indian Air Force and are able to adjust to the military way of life.

Phase - III

. Medical Examination.

Candidates who qualify Adaptability Test-II shall be issued with medical appointment letter at respective ASCs for their medical examination at designated Medical Boarding Centre (MBC) on specified date. Medical examination shall be conducted by Air Force Medical Team as per IAF medical standards and policy in vogue on subject issue. Medical examination would also include Baseline Investigation of:-

  1. Blood Haemogram - Hb, TLC, DLC
  2. Urine RE/ME
  3. Biochemistry
    1. Blood Sugar Fasting & PP
    2. Serum Cholestero
    3. Urea, Uric acid, Creatinine
    4. LFT- Serum Bilurubin, SGOT, SGPT
  4. X- Ray chest (PA view)
  5. ECG (R)
  6. Tests for Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substance Abuse.
  7. Any other test necessary in the opinion of the Medical Officer.

Candidates declared medically unfit can avail the option for ‘Appeal Medical Board’ (AMB) against their unfitness by depositing Rs. 40/- in a Government Treasury/RBI/SBI through Military Receivable Order (MRO). The application for AMB along with original copy of MRO and photocopy of Unfitness Certificate are to be submitted to the representative of ASC within three working days of medical examination.

The recruitment medical officer and the specialist doctors of Armed Forces are the final authorities on declaring a candidate fit or unfit during initial medical examination, appeal medical board and medical examination prior to enrolment. The candidates shall be governed by Armed Forces standards which may be at variance from civil standards. There is no provision for representation or review after the appeal medical board.

Note-1:Candidates are advised to get tartar and stains removed from their teeth before appearing for the Medical Examination. Ears should be free of wax. Candidates should be prepared to stay for the medical examination for four to five days under their own arrangement. No TA/DA shall be admissible.

Note-2: Passing in the medical examination is not a guarantee for employment in Indian Air Force.

Note-3: Request for change of Medical Examination Centre or Date of Medical Examination shall not be entertained.

General instructions for candidates are as follows:-

  1. Candidates must indicate five choices of examination centre and seven choices of ASCs in order of preference while filling up the online application form. However, CASB reserves the right to allot any centre other than those mentioned in the application.
  3. Candidates not reporting for the test on due date and time shall not be accommodated on other dates/shifts.
  4. Duplicate / Incomplete / erroneously filled applications shall be rejected.
  5. Candidates should be prepared to stay for the entire duration of the tests under their own arrangement. No TA/DA shall be admissible.
  6. Candidates are required to provide an active e-mail ID which will be used by CASB for all communications till culmination of the entire selection process and enrolment for the particular intake. It is also advised to preserve e-mail ID and password for all future communications.
  7. Candidate should apply only once in response to this advertisement
  8. Candidature of candidates who apply MORE THAN ONCE IN RESPONSE TO THIS ADVERTISEMENT AND OBTAINS different registration numbers SHALL BE REJECTED.
  9. Mobile phones / smart watches / electronic gadgets shall not be permitted in the examination hall for Phase-I test.

. If there is any variation between English & Hindi/any other regional language versions of the advertisement, English version shall be taken as authentic.

Any CORRIGENDUM/CHANGES/UPDATES shall be available ONLY on CASB web portal https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in and NO INTIMATION SHALL BE GIVEN IN ANY NEWS PAPER/ANY OTHER MEDIA. All candidates are required to see the web portal of this office from time to time.


Online registration for the Selection Test will be available from 24 June 2022 (1000h) on https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in and will close on 05 July 2022 (1700h). Detailed instructions on how to register/ fill-up application forms are available on the webportal. Candidates are to strictly follow the given instructions.

PROVISIONAL SELECT LIST (PSL). The PSL (merit-wise) will be prepared after the completion of selection test and the same will be displayed at all the ASCs and also on web portal https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in on 01 December 2022. Inclusion of names of candidates in the PSL depends upon the performance of the candidates in the selection test and the same is determined by application of cut off marks vis-à-vis number of qualified candidates in phase-II testing and anticipated vacancies. Inclusion of name in provisional select list (PSL) does not guarantee automatic enrolment. Enrolment is strictly in order of merit subject to medical fitness, availability of vacancies, not exceeding the age of 23 years on date of enrolment and meeting all the laid down eligibility criteria as and when called for enrolment. The validity of the PSL shall be 06 months from the date of display and shall be applicable only for AGNIVEERVAYU INTAKE 01/2022.

ENROLMENT LIST. List of candidates finally called for enrolment in AGNIVEERVAYU INTAKE 01/2022 will be published on 11 December 2022. E-Call letter ONLY shall be sent to candidates, including standby candidates, called for enrolment on their Registered e-mail IDs.


CONTACT, PRESIDENT, CASB, BRAR SQUARE, DELHI CANTT, NEW DELHI - 110010, TELEPHONE NO. 011-25694209/ 25699606 AND E-MAIL: casbiaf@cdac.in OR LOG ON TO CASB WEB PORTAL https://agnipathvayu.cdac.in UNDER CANDIDATE’S LOG IN. For queries pertaining to filling up of online application form, candidates may also contact on Telephone No. 020-25503105/25503106.

The terms and conditions given in the advertisement are guidelines only and orders issued by the Government, as amended from time to time, will apply for the selected candidates.

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