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Military Training

1) Horse Riding:

CDS has 25 trained horses being maintained by well-trained syces and two Riding masters, having rich experience of training and handling Army Horses. The students of the school are taught the Basics of equestrian up to 9th standard and thereafter advance training is imparted as under:

Basic Training:
2 Trained Horses
Horse-Rider co-operation
History of equestrian,
pet care basic,
. Handling of Equine
Saddle fitment and Upkeep
First Aid of Equine
Walk, Trot, Canter Gallup
Fitment of Horseshoe
Advanced Training:
Show Jumping,
Horse and stick,
Tent pegging and polo

2) Battle Obstacle Course:

A Morden and State of Art Battle Obstacle Course has been established in Career Defence Schoolwith 15 obstacles admits thick undergrowth and trees disturbing vision. These obstacles not only test the endurance of a participant but also enhance agility. In order to complicate the training artificial smoke and simulation of enemy fire is also carried out. The Ramdandees are gradually put through the obstacle course and a final test in the form of a Competition is done at Class XI.

3) Weapon Training:

At the Career Defence School Ramdandees are taught the basics of firing which revolvers around Holding of the weapon, correct aiming and smooth trigger operation. Once the basic knowledge has been imparted to an individual then he retains the ability to fire any of the small arms weapons with a high degree of efficiency. In school, we have a shooting team and special coaching imparted to enthusiasts. They have been able to win laurels for the school. In the School Campus, we have a state of Art Indoor as well as outdoor Shooting Range.

4) Map Reading:

Map Reading is of the important subject a soldier should master. In fact, every citizen of the country should have some exposure in operating a map be it a tourist map a terrain map or map of a metro. All Ramdandee of Career Defence School are put through map reading theory and practical classes of late training of navigation by stars and the use of GPS is also being imparted. A Good Map Reader can not get lost in any of the unknown areas.

5) Disaster Management:

Disaster management as a subject has vast frontiers, its knowledge can be used anywhere at the time of a crisis. At Career Defence Schoolwe have foolproof checks and procedures to prevent any incident/disaster which is backed with Practical SOP. The military staff is also well trained in handling emergencies. Ramdandees are also taught the basics of disaster Handling, mitigation, prevention and follow up action thereof. All Ramdandees are put through the mock practice of firefighting and planning a rescue operation during floods.

6) Squad Drill:

Drill forms the basic quality of soldiers and right from the VI Std, Ramdandees are taught squad drill as a routine. The students move from one place to another in the school premises in a formation doing the drill. squad drill improves the stature, posture and military bearing of a Ramdandee. All the military training staff, as well as NCC staff, are proficient in practising and teaching squad drill. The culmination of the drill training is the Annual day drill in the presence of parents and visitors.

7) Battle Craft:

This is a basic procedure of Communication when operation in Teams which is followed by leaders to communicate to the team members by using all other means including verbal communication. Over a period of time, the battle craft has evolved and has been very effectively used in armies the world over particularly at the time of handing crisis. All Ramdandees are taught this art to be used within their peer groups in junior classes. In senior classes are taught how it works in the battlefields, a brief introduction is given to them.

8) School Band:

The School has a pipe band and the Subscribers are students who are keen musicians. Career Defence Schoolhas qualified band Master who trains the Ramdandees in various musical instruments. The School band participates in all the functions of the school and also all the cultural activities in Nashik City.

9) Adventure Training :

Adventure plays a very important role in the Miltary Training and Grooming. It not only gives thrills to the participants but also develops self-confidence and split second decision making ability. It also teaches an individual to take calculated risks. In Career Defence Schoolthe Ramdandees are exposed to all adventure activities in Air, Water, Land , High attitude and snowbound Areas. Adventure Training not only makes a Ramdandee a good leader but also makes him an able Team Man.

10) Swimming:

One of the best known exercises for the youth. The participant not only develops his muscular and motor skills but also enhances the mind body coordination. In Career Defence School Ramdandees are taught all four styles of swimming apart from lifesaving skills in water. Our Ramdandees have performaced with flying colours in all the district and state level competitions. In the coming years our aim is to put maximum Ramdandees in the national arena. We have three acclaimed swimming coaches for training our Ramdandees.

11) Public Speaking:

One Of the Important traits of leadership is public speaking. The Ramdandees are taught how to formalize thought process incorporating knowledge, communication skill and portrayal of body language. Right from the class VI onwards the stage fright of a Ramdandee is eliminated and subsequently once he masters the language he is put through the rigma roll of Public Speaking. A Ramdandee in the XII Std. is confident enough to address a gathering on any Subject.

12) Yoga:

Yoga a mind body regime which leads to the union of individual consciousness with that of the universal consciousness indicating a perfect harmony between mind and body. At Career Defence School the Ramdandees are taught by expert Yoga Guru's ascetic discipline, which includes breath control, simple meditation and specific body postures. Yoga is practised for sound health and Relaxation.

13) Self Defence:

All Ramdandees are taught to be self- reliant in defending themselves and their near and dear ones in an adverse situation. The art of Self Defense is built around certain factors as below:
a) Self Confidence
b) Quick action
c) Offensive Action
d) Swift action
Ramdandees are given training in various martial arts, Unarmed Combat and swift use of any implement or swift action to convert an adverse situation into a favourable one. The foundation of Self Defense is healthy body sound mind complied with quick decision making.