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About Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun

The Rashtriya Indian Military College is an Inter Services Institute and a Category 'A' establishment of the Ministry of Defence alongside institutions like National Defence Academy, Khadakvasla, Officers' Training Academy, Chennai, and Indian Military Academy, Dehradun. The College provides public school education to young boys in the age group of 11 1/2 to 18 years specially selected through an All India competitive examination. A dedicated feeder to the National Defence Academy and the NAVAC Academy. The College aims to send maximum boys to the NDA/NAVAC. Hence it puts emphasis on complete education and all round personality development of the cadets. However in the event of a boy not joining the NDA due to any reason, the RIMC guarantees, through the five years of academic course, that he attains enough academic proficiency to get admission in any professional or any other college in the Country.


The purpose of this Institution was to provide Indian boys with suitable education and training to ensure a high pass-rate for the Indians being sent to the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, as part of the Indianisation program of the officer cadre of the Indian Army. RIMC was not, in fact, a College, but a pre Sandhurst institution run along the lines of an English public school. The British believed that for becoming an army officer, if an education in Britain was impossible, a public school education in India was an absolute necessity. The British believed that public school education was particularly necessary for Indian boys whose up bringing made them suitable for the rigors and self-discipline of army life. Hence with these vision to lay the foundation for the selected young men the college makes endeavor to enable them to manage the National security affairs in later life. To become a feeder institution to NDA, NAVAC, and also enable cadets to apply for CME & Technical entry (CTW) and any other schemes from where Cadets can join the Defence Services.

Exam Notification


Form date : 1 March to 15 April 2025
Exam date : 1 June 2025
Age Limit : 02-01-2013 to 01-07-2014


Form date : 20 July to 15 October 2025(Expected)
Exam date : 7 Dec 2025(Expected)
Age Limit : 02-07-2013 to 01-01-2015


Form date : 28 February to 15 April 2024
Exam date : 1 June 2024
Age Limit : 2 Jan 2012 to 1 July 2013


Form date : 20 July to 15 October 2024(Expected)
Exam date : 1 Dec 2024(Expected)
Age Limit : 2 July 2012 to 1 Jan 2014

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  1. The candidates will be examined in the following subjects: -

    The RIMC Entrance Examination for admission of Boys and Girls to Class VIII for the Jan 2025 term will be held at the specified centers within the country on 01 Dec 2024. The candidates will be examined in the following subjects:

    Sr.No Subject Maximum
    (i) English Written Paper 125
    (ii) Mathematics Written Paper 200
    (iii) General Knowledge Written Paper 75
    (iv) Viva-voce (Designed primarily to test the intelligence, personality, & communication 50( Only for candidates who will qualify in the written exam)
    Total 450
  2. Eligibility Criteria for June 2024:

  3. Educational Qualification:
  4. The candidate should be either studying in Class VII or passed class VII from any recognised school at the time of admission to the RIMC, i.e. on 01 Jan 2025.
  5. Age Criteria for June 2024:
    2 Jan 2011 to 1 July 2012 Boys and Girls are eligible to apply for admission to the RIMC, Dehradun. The candidate should either be studying in Class VII or passed Class VII from any recognized school at the time of admission to the RIMC, i.e. on 01 Jan 2024. They should not be less than 11½ years in age and should not have attained the age of 13 years as on 01 Jan 2025, i.e., they should not be born earlier than 2 Jan 2011 and not later than 1 July 2012. The applicants should be informed that no application for change in the date of birth, from that originally given by them would be entertained later by the college authorities.
  6. Fill RIMC School Application Form Online

Schedule of Examination RIMC June 2024

  1. Written Examination: The examination shall be conducted on 01 June 2024 (Saturday) as per the following schedule:

    Sr.No Subject Time
    (a) Mathematics 09:30 to 11:00 hrs
    (b) General Knowledge 12:00 to 13:00 hrs
    (c) English 14:30 to 16:30 hrs
  2. Viva-Voce: The viva-voce will be held for only those candidates who qualify the written exam. The list will be sent to the respective Governments by the RIMC after approval from HQ ARTRAC. The date for viva-voce (designed primarily to test the intelligence, personality & communication skills of candidates) will be intimated later.
  3. The wards of Central Government employees can take their exam and viva-voce at the place of posting of either employee or domicile state, however, their candidature will be considered from their original domicile state. It is, therefore mandatory for such candidates to get the application deposited in the same state where the exam has to be taken.
  4. Result: Result will be uploaded on RIMC website www.rimc.gov.in Candidates are responsible to regularly check the website for latest status update. It is mandatory for all the selected candidates to join RIMC within 10 days, on receipt of the joining Instructions. Joining instructions will be sent to email ID as mentioned in Application form by the candidates.

List of Documents Required:

Applications are to be submitted in duplicate. The documents which are required to be attached with Application Form are as under:-

  1. Birth Certificate (issued by Municipal Corporation/Gram Panchayat)
  2. Domicile Certificate of the candidate.
  3. SC/ST Certificate (Where applicable)
  4. A certificate from the Principal of the current school in which the candidate is studying, with photograph attested stating the date of birth (as per the school records) and the class in which the candidate is studying is to be submitted in original.
  5. Photocopy of Aadhar Card of the Candidate (both sides) is a mandatory requirement failing which application will be rejected.
  6. Two passport size photographs

Note: Application Form should reach the respective State Governments (as given in Guidelines to Admission) by 15 April 2024. Kindly note that Application Form must be sent to the State Government and not to the Rashtriya Indian Military College, Dehradun, Uttrakhand

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Examination Centres

Examination centres are generally located in the state capitals or in cities/towns as advertised.


The annual fee is presently Rs.1,07,500/- for Gen Candidate and Rs. 93,900/- For SC/ST candidate except for the first year. The fees Structure may be revised periodically.

Procedure to Obtain Application Forms

The Prospectus-cum-Application Form and Booklet of Old Question Papers can be obtained from The Rashtriya Indian Military College, Garhi Cantt, Dehradun , Uttarakhand, Pin- 248003 by making an Online Payment of Rs 600/- for General Candidates & Rs. 555/- for SC/ST Candidates on RIMC website www.rimc.gov.in. On receipt of the payment, the Prospectus-cum Application Form and Booklet of Old Question Papers will be dispatched by Speed post only.

Procedure to Obtain Application Form.

The Prospectus – Cum – Application Form and Booklet of Old Question Papers can be obtained from The Rashtriya Indian Military College, Garhi Cantt, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, Pin – 248003 by following methods:

  1. Online Payment:
    The Prospectus – cum – application Form and Booklet of Old Question Paper can be obtained by making online payment of Rs.600/- for General Candidates & Rs.555/- for SC/ST candidates on RIMC Website www.rimc.gov.in (on receipt of the payment, the Prospectus-cum-Application Form and Booklet of Old Question Papers will be dispatched by Speed Post Only).
  2. Or
  3. By Sending Demand Draft:
    The prospectus – cum – Application form and Booklet of old question Papers can be obtained by sending a written request with a demand draft of Rs.600/- for General Candidates & Rs.555/- for SC/ST candidates along with caste certificate in favour of “The Commandant RIMC Dehradun”, Drawee Branch, State Bank of India, Tel Bhavan, Dehradun, (Book Code – 01576), Uttarakhand. The address should be typed/written clearly in CAPITAL LETTERS with Pin code and contact number. RIMC will NOT be responsible for any postal delay or loss in transit of prospectus caused by illegible or incomplete address. The delay on part of postal department is not the responsibility of RIMC.
  1. The application form issued by RIMC only shall be valid. Application forms locally printed/photocopied and without RIMC Hologram (Seal) shall not be accepted.
  2. No refund of the application fee will be done under any condition.

Conduct of Examination by States/UTs.:

It is requested that necessary arrangements may please be made for holding the examination in the states, the name of the officers nominated for conducting the examination (with telephone, fax numbers and e-mail address) and demand of question Papers may be communicated to the Commandant, RIMC, Dehradun by 25 April 2024. Adequate Publicity may please be given regarding this examination in the local newspapers at least twice or thrice through press release before 28 Feb 2024.

Answer books in respect of the candidates along with the Application Form may Please be forwarded at the end of the examination in a sealed cover to the Commandant, RIMC, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, (Pin – 248003)

The viva –voce will be conducted by the State Governments only for those candidates who have qualified in the Written examination on the date which will be intimated later. The constitution of the selection board is briefly mentioned in Para 8 of the Regulations Governing RIMC and Shall be as follows:

  1. Chief Secretary to the Government or in case the State Government so desires, any other Secretary of the State Government nominated by him.
  2. Two Military Officers (One of them should not be below the rank of Lt Col or equivalent from Army, Air Force or Navy). These Officers will be detailed as far as possible from the nearest Military Station and all expenses of TA and DA etc will be borne by the Government of India.
  3. The State Director of Public Institutions or Director of Education or Some Senior Officer nominated by Him.
  4. Where practicable, a member of the State Public Service Commission.

The result of the viva-voce must be send in a sealed envelope to the Commandant, RIMC, Dehradun, immediately after the conduct of viva-voce. The same must also be conveyed by email the same day. The email id is rimcollege@yahoo.com.

Medical Examination: Only the candidates finally selected after the viva-voce only will undergo a Medical Examination at selected Military Hospitals and only the candidates found medically fit will be considered for selection and admission to the RIMC. Candidates should not consider themselves selected until Joining Instruction to this effect is issued and call up Notices are sent to them by the College authorities.

Under no circumstances, any candidate or parents/guardians/relatives or friends are permitted to approach any officer in the Service Headquarters or any other person concerned with the selection of the candidates. Any attempt to do is liable to result in rejection of the candidate.

A copy of the press note issued in this connection is enclosed for information. You are requested to publish the press note given with the notification.

Important Dates:

Press note the under mentioned dates:

(a) Press note by State Government to be published before: 28 February 2024
(b) Last date for acceptance of applications by State Governments: 15 April 2024
(c) Conduct of written exam 01 June 2024
(d) Conduct of viva-voce of only those candidates who qualify The written exam Dates will be intimated later

The receipt of the letter may kindly be acknowledged.


Ser No State Amount per cadet per annum
1. Assam 30,000/-
2. Andhra Pradesh 14,000/-
3. Arunachal Pradesh 60,000/-
4. Bihar 30,000/-
5. Chattisgarh 14,000/-
6. Chandigarh 33,000/-
7. Goa 50,000/-
8. Gujarat 48,000/-
9. Haryana 50,000/-
10. Himachal Pradesh 20,000/-
11. J&K 25,000/-
12. Jharkhand 15,000/-
13. Karnataka 22,500/-
14. Kerala 27,000/-
15. Maharashtra 40,000/-
16. Manipur 30,000/-
17. Mizoram 40,000/-
18. Madhya Pradesh 12,000/-
19. Meghalaya 20,000/-
20. Nagaland Full bill re-imbursed
21. Odisha 12,000/-
22. Punjab 33,000/-
23. Pondicherry 20,000/-
24. Rajasthan 12,000/-
25. Sikkim 20,000/-
26. Tamilnadu 40,000/-
27. Uttarakhand 12,000/-
28. Uttar Pradesh 24,000/-
29. West Bengal 20,000/-
30. Telangana 26,400/-

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The College provides education on the lines of residential public schools principally for boys who desire to join the Defence forces of India. Those who do not succeed in this aim or decide against it are well qualified to join a college or professional Institution on graduation from the RIMC. However, the College advises only those to apply who are interested in taking up the challenge of serving the Defence forces of India.


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